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Apprentice & Associate Producer · Pineapple Street Studios


Associate Producer · Classy with Jonathan Menjivar. A show about the class chasms between us. 

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Associate Producer · Season 4 of Going Through It. Ashley C. Ford explores the choice of whether or not to have children.

Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

I attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in the fall of 2021. You can listen to my full portfolio of work here

Lubec audio story

Fourteen Names

A small town in Maine begins the long process of trying to grieve for a tragedy that struck nearly 100 years ago. 

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Christy Shake garden


Christy, a middle-aged mother, reflects on how she keeps hold of her own identity when living so entirely for another.

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Letting Go

Jon Wagner is in a house full of stuff. It’s not Jon’s house, and it's not Jon's stuff. But he’s responsible for every single object there, and in the next two weeks he must find a new home for all of it. Produced at the Salt Institute in collaboration with Jay Venables, Zo Bailly, and Mailee Osten-Tan. Listen to the interactive story.

City Garden Montessori

Lead instructor of City Garden Montessori School's first podcasting class, St. Louis, Missouri, 2021-2022. Check out our submissions to the NPR Student Podcast Challenge.  


I attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where I first started to work in audio.

Bowdoin College oral history

Indivisible, AF/AM 50

Directed an oral history project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Africana Studies department at Bowdoin College. Curated into an audio/visual exhibit Spring 2020. Stored permanently in the College's collections. 

River des Peres in St. Louis

I spent a year writing an environmental and social history of the River des Peres, a forgotten river in St. Louis, Missouri. During that year I interviewed people across St. Louis about their interactions with the waterway.

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